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Welcome to Bates & Partners

Bates & Partners (B&P) is dedicated to the mission of supporting and protecting senior decision-makers in business and other complex organizational settings.

Burdened by the increased scrutiny of policy makers, regulators, investors and third parties about how decisions affect others, Directors and senior managers are now personally linked to the risk management systems of the companies they lead.

The practice responds to a major shift in consensus views of the organisation of business in society with risk management services and solutions.

In volatile and uncertain environments, these fiduciaries need carefully tailored structures, processes and secure financial protection for confident decision-making over the assets that they control.

B&P is a risk management practice building on a track record of solving organisational design challenges in the world’s largest companies across a wide range of complex business sectors, and markets.  B&P encompasses the advisory practice of iD founded by Jonathan Bates, which has been commissioned by international clients for long-term advisory and R&D projects since 1999.

B&P works collaboratively with clients and partners to develop solutions to:

  • achieve and maintain best practice for the Board and Executive Management teams,
  • manage and transfer risk of legal liability, and
  • strengthen Company, Board and Senior Team reputations.
B&P accepts commissions to conduct R&D projects for listed and non-listed companies committed to the highest standard of fiduciary decision-making.  B&P also enters into joint venture and similar arrangements with advisory and financial services partner organisations around the world.